Board of Directors

Board of Directors

PDG 2020-2021 Chair
Carmen Oguz (Drew-Ruleville)

PDG 2019-2020
Jonathan Mattox (Oxford-Ole Miss)

PDG 2018-2019
Gray Carter (Memphis)

PDG 2017-2018
Bethany Huffman (Millington/North Shelby)

PDG 2016-2017
Tom Wilson (Memphis East)

District Governor

Jenny H. Jones (Tupelo)

Assistant District Governors

Tim Alford

Tom Booth
(Memphis CentralTupelo)

Sam Cox

Stephanie Crisp
(Olive Branch)

Robin Dambrino

Beth Wheeler-Dean

Jimmy Dobbs
(Calhoun City)

Michael Harris
(Whitehaven-Memphis South)

Dave Rhylander

Kathy Taylor

District Governor Elect

Nathan Lubin (Germantown)

District Governor-Nominee

Robin Dambrino (Grenada)

District Treasurer

Charles McLean (Memphis East)

District Foundation Committee

Tom Wilson – Chair
(Memphis East)

Vijay Surpuriya – Grants

Gray Carter – Paul Harris Society