Board of Directors

Board of Directors

PDG 2018-2019
Gray Carter (Memphis) – Chair

PDG 2017-2018
Bethany Huffman (Millington/North Shelby)

PDG 2016-2017
Tom Wilson (Memphis East)




PDG 2015-2016
Cary E. Vaughn (Memphis)

PDG 2013-1214
Tommy White (Water Valley)

District Membership Team Leader
Robin Dambrino  (Grenada)

District Governor

Jonathan Mattox (Oxford-Ole Miss)


Assistant District

Jesse Bandre

Belinda “BJ” Campbell
(Memphis Central)

Sam Cox

Robin Dambrino

Jimmy Dobbs
(Calhoun City)



Danny Foster

Jenny Jones

Stephanie Lawson
(Olive Branch)

Stephen Whatley


District Governor-

Carmen Oguz


District Governor-Nominee

Jenny Jones


District Treasurer

Charles McLean
(Northeast Shelby)


District Foundation Committee

Tom Wilson – Chair
(Memphis East)

Vijay Surpuriya

Cary Vaughn