Rotary Family and Youth Initiative

Neal Graham
(Memphis East)


Our mission is to provide human, in-kind, intellectual and financial support to help communities to assist struggling families and in reversing current  trends in justice-involved youth.

Our goal is to reduce Juvenile Delinquency by 50% in 5 years(50 in 5)—-Repeat in each subsequent 5 year period, and expand the Rotary FYI nation-wide.


The vision of Rotary FYI is for Rotarians to act in the role of a catalyst, to assist selected communities in significantly reducing justice-involved youth within the span of five years, repeating the effort in each subsequent five year period, and eventually expanding the initiative nation-wide via the Rotary network.

The strong moral underpinning of the Rotary FYI flows from and is directly aligned with The Objects of Rotary, The Ideal of Service, The Rotary Peace Initiative, and Rotary efforts to mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve quality of life, and for breaking the cycles of poverty. (RE: Rotary International Doctrine, and overall theme of the May 2017, Rotary Magazine).


The initial goals of Rotary FYI are to assist public, private, nonprofits, and stakeholders in the community, while working as a catalyst:

  1. Improve school academics, culture, and also embed leadership skills in the students.
  2. Attract, train, and match qualified mentors with at-risk youth mentees.
  3. Build citizen awareness and community support for:
           •   Developing a Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC).
    Setting up a children’s Trust Fund.
    Blended and alternative sentences.
    Build and operate 20 Evening Reporting Centers.
  1. Create awareness of the devastating effect that untreated Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) has on children and youth behaviors. These behaviors (in many cases) divert otherwise capable youth into the “School to Prison Pipeline”.
  2. Assist in developing Trauma Sensitive and Trauma Responsive Community support systems for struggling parents and at-risk youth.

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